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Life Sciences and Technology Open Day 2018 Event Recap

03 Nov 2018 (Sat)

The Life Sciences and Technology Open Day 2018 was successfully held  on 3 November, 2018.  The attendance of 860 plus was more than doubled compared with 2017.  Fourteen seminars on two main themes of Health and Technology were featured.  Attendance of the seminars《刮痧養生秘技》, 《淺談飲食與腸道微生物》, 《從傳統IT走到新世代ABC》, 《矯形鞋墊應用及治療功效》was remarkably well.  We were excited to see a full house participation in a few seminars.  Around 150 attendees of different ages immersed themselves in the simulated flight experience 《模擬飛行體驗》 and adventures inside the aircraft while others enjoyed the learning tool of virtual reality《虛擬實境 (VR)體驗》in selected courses. 

We were delighted to have guest speakers from last year and some new speakers to deliver interesting seminars on various health and technology related topics for us this year.    There were also information seminars and consultation sessions on part-time programmes offered by various subject groups including Dietetics, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Sport, Exercise and Recreation Management and Pharmaceutical Studies.  Seminar on Food and Nutrition Programmes, from interest to profession has drawn over 100 participants.

It is indeed a fun-filled and learning event of the School.   We look forward to your continuing support next year.  Please check out our school website for courses at