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Board of Directors

The School has two principal Boards (HKU SPACE Board of Directors and CPELL) through which its overall policy is determined and the University's governance is exercised.

The University Council authorised the establishment of this company limited by guarantee to manage the resources of the HKU SPACE Fund. It is a self-financed, not-for-profit entity and is recognised as being a charitable institution or trust of a public character exempt from tax under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. The Company is also exempted from using the word "limited" under Section 21 of the Companies Ordinance.

The members of the Company, on behalf of the University are:

  • The President & Vice-Chancellor
  • A Vice-President & Pro-Vice-Chancellor
  • The University of Hong Kong, represented by the Registrar
  • Director of Finance
  • The Director of the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education
  • The Chairman of the Board of Directors of HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education

These Members appoint the Board of Directors which sets overall policy on resources. The members of the Board of Directors are:


Professor Edward K.Y. Chen

Vice-Chairman Professor Ian Holliday
Members Professor Terry K.F. Au
Mr Vincent C.H. Chan
Dr Christopher W.C. Cheng
Ms Barbara C.M. Chiu
Ms Wendy K.S. Gan
Professor Ricky Y.K. Kwok
Professor William K.M. Lee
Ms Sara S.M. Lo
Mr Paul W.Y. Poon
Mrs Mona C.F. Tam
Professor Paul Tam
Mr Andrew K.K. Wu
Mr Sunny Yeung
By Invitation Dr Darwin Chen
  Professor William W.C. Leung
Secretary Dr John Cribbin

Board for Continuing and Professional Education and Lifelong Learning (CPELL)

Quality Assurance

Teaching and Learning Quality Process Reviews (TLQPR)

UGC Quality Assurance Council Quality Audit of Sub-degree Operations