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News Express May 2023
News Express
Newsletter 79
The School publishes printed newsletter to report and updates on the School's latest developments, major activities, programme developments and news about the Alumni.
HKU SPACE Annual Report 2021/22
HKU SPACE Annual Report 2021/22
At a Glance
At a Glance
For many decades till now and in future, the School of Professional and Continuing Education, The University of Hong Kong strives to provide learning opportunities for personal, professional and career advancement for people from all walks of life.
Career SPACE Newsletter Feb 2023
Career SPACE Newsletter
Become a more valuable employee with key workplace skills
Prospectus 2023 Spring
HKU SPACE has the largest and broadest selection of reimbursable Continuing Education Fund (CEF) courses in Hong Kong, with over 2,000 CEF courses in 87 interest areas from business to the humanities, and technology to health sciences.