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Teaching and Learning

In fulfilling the mission of The University of Hong Kong in extending lifelong learning opportunities for the community, HKU SPACE provides learning opportunities for personal, professional and career advancement for people from all walks of life.

A hallmark of the HKU SPACE programmes is that they are designed and managed by the full-time academic staff of the School and supported by the excellent corps of part-time teachers. The School’s Quality Assurance mechanisms have been reviewed by the University as well as by external agencies and have been described as “exemplary”. The School, in its Strategic Plan, has committed itself to being a quality provider in terms of its academic programmes as well as in providing quality support to students through good teaching and well-designed learning centre facilities.

The School follows the University’s Teaching and Learning policies and collaborates closely with the other faculties and departments of the University to offer timely and relevant courses that meet society’s needs to update education and skills for the knowledge economy. The global dimension is also important and the School has an extensive network of international universities with whom it collaborates. The Outcomes-Based Learning Approach is followed to ensure students have clear learning outcomes which they can achieve.

The information age has brought exciting new learning possibilities. Combined with information technology, e-Learning can inspire creative teaching and improve learning efficiency.

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