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Healthcare, Sport and Wellness Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Complementary medicine and integrative medicine include therapies and healing approaches that might originate from historical and traditional health practice, but historically have not been included in conventional, mainstream Western medicine.  However, in modern days, these practices are now being modernized and modified and with the aid of modern technologies, most of them are now evidence-based and scientifically sound.

Complementary medicine refers to non-mainstream practices, including psychological, physical and nutritional intervention, used together with conventional medicine.  Integrative medicine is holistic health care that brings all appropriate therapeutic approaches—conventional and non-mainstream— together to care for the whole person.


HKU SPACE offers lots of programmes that fall into these categories, such as the aromatherapy, craniosacral self-therapy, aesthetics medicine and functional medicine.

Complementary and Integrative Medicine Programmes

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開課日期 2024年4月20日 (星期六)
修業期 30小時
課程費用 HK$6500
開課日期 2024年5月7日 (星期二)
修業期 10個月
課程費用 HK$12,000
本課程讓學員能掌握髗骶骨自療法十式的進階知識、技巧,和實際應用,並在日常生活中將其應用於7歲以上的人士。此課程為已經修畢證書(單元 :髗骶骨自療法基礎十式)課程的畢業生而設,讓他們能夠深造,認識進階的髗骶骨療法理論與技術。
開課日期 2024年5月25日 (星期六)
修業期 30小時
課程費用 HK$7100
The programme aims to provide the students with an introduction about human health and disease based on the homeopathic literature.  It gives the students a general understanding of homeopathy remedies and their applications.
Start 09 JUN 2024 (SUN)
Duration 30 hours
Fee HKD9,800