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Best PCLL Pathways

Avoid Extra Exams PCLL Part-Time Study Pathways

Avoid Extra Exam Pathways

There's only one way that allows you to qualify as both a solicitor or a barrister by studying in Hong Kong, and that's via the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL). Every year, HKU SPACE has far more students admitted to the PCLL than any other provider of English law programmes and some have even been awarded highly prized government-funded places. In 2020, for example, 78% of our applicants were successfully admitted to PCLL full-time and part-time programmes.1

Students who start their studies with other institutions offering English law programmes often need to take up to 13½ hours of extra exams before they're eligible for the PCLL. These extra exams sometimes have a high failure rate and can cost up to $70,000 to prepare for. But at HKU SPACE you can save time and money and avoid worrying about failing so many extra exams. That's because we are the only institution that has  multiple part-time PCLL pathways which can exempt you from most, or in many cases all, of these extra exams.

You can study HKU SPACE's PCLL Legal Executive Pathway, starting on the popular Certificate in Legal Studies, and benefiting from an exclusive PCLL pathway via the Advanced Diploma for Legal Executives (Graduate Level) which gives credit for your law-related work experience. This is the only pathway that allows you to qualify as a Legal Executive and is a proven pathway to a PCLL Distinction

Many students also enter the PCLL via HKU SPACE's popular University of London LL.B. Preparation Courses, which is the best PCLL pathway if you want to secure a world-renowned law degree while qualifying as a lawyer. Students studying for this internationally-prestigious qualification at HKU SPACE also have  an excellent track record in securing First Class honours results.

Or you can apply for HKU SPACE's MMU PCLL Pathway taught in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, which is also a proven pathway to a successful legal career in England. The  Graduate Diploma in English and Hong Kong Law is one of the most popular pathways to the PCLL with large numbers of students successfully admitted to PCLL full-time and part-time programmes every year. 

If you're not sure which of these is best for you, just come along to our weekly information seminars and we can help you choose between our multiple pathways to the PCLL and a successful legal career.

Study with HKU SPACE and Avoid these Extra Exams

total exemptions

HKU SPACE exemptions

1 PCLL admission success rate for applicants who completed HKU SPACE's MMU PCLL pathway.
 Three-part exam (A, B & C). Exemptions vary by pathway.
3  Hong Kong Legal System, Constitutional Law & Land Law.
4  Top-up exemption listed in PCLL admission regulations. Other exemptions based on experience of recent graduates and subject to change.

5  Based on experience of recent graduates and subject to change.
The University of London LL.B. Preparation Courses, Graduate Diploma in English and Hong Kong Law (Common Professional Examination) and LLB (Hons) Hong Kong are exempted courses under the Non Local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance.  It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which these courses may lead.

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Preparation Courses (University of London)
HKU SPACE is a Recognised Teaching Centre of the University of London and has been providing high quality and effective Preparation Courses for the LLB Programme for more than five decades.  
Start 07 OCT 2022 (FRI)
Duration 2 years to 6 years
Fee HK$8,500 - 10,000

Thinking about advancing or changing your career? The Certificate in Legal Studies is a powerful and proven way to get ahead.

The Certificate in Legal Studies is one of Hong Kong's most popular and best-recognized part-time law programs with more than 15,000 graduates of this course. Join us now to benefit from pathways to PCLL, high exam pass rates, a flexible exam schedule, and a convenient course structure ideal for students with busy jobs.

Click Here for Instant Online Enrollment

Start 27 SEP 2022 (TUE)
Duration 9-13 months
Fee Professional Stream: HK$37,500 per year
General Stream: HK$25,100 per year
The Advanced Diploma for Legal Executives (Graduate Level) (AdvDip for LE) is the only law programme that gives credit for work experience, allowing candidates to fast track to becoming a lawyer via the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) programme without any need to study a law degree or similar qualification simply by also accumulating 3 years of law-related employment.

Start 15 SEP 2022 (THU)
Duration 2 years to 5 years
Fee From $9,800 per module
Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
More Students Admitted to PCLL than any other English Law Programme
Save Time + Money with Exemptions from PCLL Conversion Exams
Not Available on Other English law courses
Multiple Pathways to Legal Practice in England + Around the World

Start 26 SEP 2022 (MON)
Duration 2 years
Fee HK$48,800 course fee & £673 reg. fee (2022/23, Year 1)


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