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In today's fast-changing business environment, management executives are looking for modern and comprehensive management skill sets in order to optimize organizational performance. We offer Business Management programmes from advanced diploma to master's degree that are geared to supporting your academic or professional advancement and career development.


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This programme aims to provide students with a solid foundation in business studies covering general management theories and practices.  It is designed to equip students with an analytical problem-solving approach in business management.  The inclusion of topical studies in Hong Kong’s business environment will enable students to learn about the emerging issues arising in the society that affect business decisions.

The programme consists of 3 streams*:

1. Business Management;

2. Digital Business Management; and  

3. Applied Business Psychology.

* Choices of streams is applicable for students admitted from July 2020 term only.
Start 17 JUL 2023 (MON)
Duration 1.5 years to 4 years
Fee HK$47,600
University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
A part-time top-up degree programme aims to ensure that students will develop a broad understanding of the complex, diverse and dynamic business environment for management. The programme curriculum is both international and practical in it contents. Students will acquire management skills as well as intellectual capability that enable them to perform effectively as a practicing manager. Thus, enhances their employability and facilitate career management.
Start 22 SEP 2023 (FRI)
Duration 1.5 years
Fee HK$105,000 per programme (in 3 instalments, all fees are subject to change without prior notice.)
Demand for good managers is always on the increase in Hong Kong. Government research suggests that the number of managerial personnel needed in all sectors of the Hong Kong economy will grow by 65,000 from 2010 to 2018. Browsing through the main job sites in Hong Kong, it is clear that management is the category that offers by far the most positions. Leading companies are increasingly competing to win over good management executives with attractive remuneration packages. This Postgraduate Diploma aims to equip students to capitalise on these opportunities within these trends.
Start To be advised
Duration 1 year
Fee HK$88,000
This programme aims to equip students with professional knowledge and practical skills necessary for leading and managing change in business organizations in the digital transformation era. It is geared towards preparing the students to become management consulting professionals in their future career advancement.
Start To be advised
Duration 30 hours
Fee HK$7,000
This programme aims to provide paricipants with the practical knowledge of decision making with a data-driven approach. It will help to improve their understanding of data and emerging technology concepts, to communicate more effectively with technical staff and interpret data resources for better business decisions.
Start To be advised
Duration 30 hours
Fee HK$7,000
Heriot-Watt University
Doctor of Business Administration, Heriot-Watt University, UK
The programme is designed to fit around your working life as a self-study, online programme. There is no fixed start date for this programme, so you can begin at any time. This programme aims to improve your research skills and cultivate bold thinking. The first year of the programme will focus on research methods and skills. Once the student has passed the 3 research models, they will move to focus on writing the doctoral thesis.
The programme is suitable for professionals with basic research skills that prefer to study independently on their own at the research stage and with an appointed supervisor from Heriot-Watt University during the thesis stage.

  • Highly flexible – study at your own pace (minimum of 4 years and maximum of 10 years of study).
  • 100% distance learning so you can study anytime at anyplace.
  • Only 3 research courses before embarking on the DBA thesis, each course to be assessed by a three-hour examination
Start 11 SEP 2023 (MON)
Duration 48 months to 60 months
Fee Total fees around £28,000 to £29,000 (estimate based on 4 years of study)
1) Course Stage : £1,160* per module x 3 modules (inclusive of assessment fee)
2) Research Stage : £8,070* per year
3) Thesis Examination fee : £500

* Fees may be subject to change without prior notice.
University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

Doctor of Business Administration, University of Plymouth, UK
The programme is studied part-time in a structured manner with a cohort of peers from a range of professional practices. A key emphasis of the programme is the strong teaching and supervisory support from the University of Plymouth. A thesis supervisor will be allocated upon a student’s acceptance and will be the mentor to the student throughout their DBA journey. In addition, the research modules in years 1 and 2 are taught modules so students are well-prepared for their thesis development.
The programme is suitable for professionals that prefer to study together with a cohort and be guided by a doctoral supervisor through their DBA journey.


  • DBA supervisor allocated upon acceptance to the DBA and will provide guidance to you through your DBA journey
  • Strong teaching support as you develop your research skills and thesis proposal in years 1 and 2.
  • All assessments are by written coursework, no examination
Start 21 OCT 2023 (SAT)
Duration 48 months to 72 months
Fee Total fees: HKD$322,000 (estimate based on 4 years of study)
1) Year 1: 3 installments of HKD$49,000 + HKD$48,500 + HKD$48,500
2) Year 2: 2 installments of HKD$43,800 + HKD$29,200
3) Year 3 onwards: HKD$51,500 (per year)

* Fees may be subject to change without prior notice.
Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom
The MSc in Business Management (Leadership and Innovation) programme is designed for current as well as aspiring managerial leaders. It equips students with an approach to management that blends leadership skills and the ability to synthesise innovative solutions to problems of modern management. The dissertation must reflect the study of leadership and innovation.
Start 31 MAY 2023 (WED)
Duration 2 years to 4 years
Fee £9,200 by 2 instalments;
(all fees are subject to change without prior notice)
*Students will be required to cover the additional cost incurred due to resubmission of coursework, retaking a module, or resubmitting the dissertation.
University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
Master of Arts Human Resource Management, University of Plymouth, UK

The programme is intended to:
  1. Enable participants to develop the necessary skills, competencies and knowledge for effective, ethical and contemporary HR management in a business and organisational context.
  2. Provide students with the opportunity to develop the qualities needed for employment in complex and unpredictable HRM and related environments.
  3. Adopt a critical perspective on theory and research, and support the application of learning to students’ work environments.
  4. Provide the opportunity for students to pursue some subjects to greater depth, to seek out an avenue of HRM enquiry and to carry out independent research through the undertaking of an HR Research Project.
Professional accreditation has been attained from the CIPD for the MAHRM so that upon successful completion of the programme, and dependent on students being in active CIPD Student membership (students can join CIPD as student members upon successful application of the MA HRM programme), students will gain Associate membership on completion. They will then be eligible to upgrade to Chartered or Fellow membership (depending upon their level of HR experience).
Start 14 OCT 2023 (SAT)
Duration 12 months to 60 months
Fee Total fees: HK$118,000, paid in 5 instalments.
Instalment 1: HK$21,720
Instalment 2: HK$21,720
Instalment 3: HK$21,720
Instalment 4: HK$21,720
Instalment 5: HK$31,120
This Programme aims to meet the continuing education and professional development needs of those who have considerable work experience in logistics and supply chain industries, or those who are interested to develop a career in these industries. It also aims to enhance the professional competence of students with knowledge and technical capability to deal with the current issues in international trade, supply chain, logistics, e-commerce and procurement.

Upon the completion, students may apply for admission to the top-up Master programme in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management offered by University of Plymouth, UK.
Start 08 JUN 2023 (THU)
Duration 12 months to 36 months
Fee HK$49,500

This programme is designed to give systematic and professional training to senior executives in  cultural and creative business. With a specific focus on business models, content and creativity, as well as management, the programme will guide participants to become leaders in global creative business.

Start 17 JUN 2023 (SAT)
Duration 15 months
Fee HK$298,000
Focusing on three key elements of general management: business drivers, management skills, as well as corporate culture, this programme guides students to analyze the key challenges that senior executives would face when expanding their enterprise globally or regionally, and equip them with essential tools for success in senior management.
Start 17 JUN 2023 (SAT)
Duration 15 months
Fee HK$348,000