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Shall We talk? From Social Unrest To Family ConflictsEvent Recap

The controversies revolving around the anti-Extradition Bill movement have been continuing for months, which triggered not only a series of public protests, but also led to family disputes due to divergent political views. Many found themselves emotionally distressed under such atmosphere. However, family member should love each other as always despite having different standpoints. In view of this, the Social Sciences subject group of the HKU SPACE College of Humanities and Law held a series of four sharing sessions in October and November to help participants to soothe their emotions and find a way to resolve disputes in the family.

Series 1 - “Strengthen family bonds”: hosted by Clinical Psychologist, former HKU SPACE Part-time Teacher Dr Anita Leung. Participants were encouraged to “accept, listen to, not to judge” others’ opinions, allowing rooms for freedom of thoughts and individual autonomy within the family in order to maintain close relationships between family members.

Series 2 - “Understand how your family feels and needs”: hosted by Counselling Psychologist, HKU SPACE Part-time Teacher Mrs Winnie Lee. This session aimed to analyse the mindset and reactions of different parties towards the current social events, in an effort to help participants understand what their family members think, feel and need.  

Series 3 - “Share your concerns with your family”: hosted by HKU SPACE Adjunct Lecturer Mr James Wong. This session helped participants to explore the ways of effective communications with family members in order to maintain harmonious relationship despite diverse opinions, as well as how to express concern for the others.

Series 4 - “Sailing through the storm together”: hosted by Counselling Psychologist, HKU SPACE Part-time Teacher Mr Isaac Yu. This session focused on how a family can stay together amid the storm right now in our society, where negative emotions could tear a family apart.