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HKU SPACE stands out by offering more than 2,000 CEF coursesFeature Story

10 Dec 2021 (Fri)

According to statistics at the end of November 2021, there are currently nearly 300 educational institutions in Hong Kong offering a total of over 7,000 Continuing Education Fund (CEF) courses. The School provides more than 2,000 of these courses, accounting for 28.5% of the total. HKU SPACE stands out as a leading and large post-secondary institution in Hong Kong. With a rich variety of CEF courses, the school is the lifelong study buddy for people of different ages with different professions and education backgrounds.

Walking on the cutting edge of the times, and keeping up with the pace of society

Since its establishment, the school has been committed to exploring lifelong learning opportunities for people from different walks of life, laying the foundation for its irreplaceable and leading position in the field of continuing education. Its core concept of curriculum design is to keep up with the times. In this high-tech era, in order to meet the professional pursuits of people from different fields, the School is going to launch the following new CEF courses this year to help people enhance their career growth and change the future together.

Certificate for Module (Hospital Intelligence)

“Hospital intelligence” is about integrating a variety of digital technologies, i.e. Big Data, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning with medical care procedures to help healthcare professionals analyse people’s health status, allowing them to deliver safer, better quality healthcare to patients. The programme teaches the advanced technologies and their application methods in the health sector. Even if you do not have any background in Information Technology, you will still be suitable for this course as long as you would like to work in the healthcare sector.

Certificate for Module (Robotic Process Automation with Business and Financial Applications)

This programme covers the design, development and implementation of robotic process automation (RPA) as well as the practical applications and cases of RPA in the field of business and finance, helping you simplify your workflow, increase work efficiency and improve business operations.

Certificate for Module (Corporate Climate Competence and Carbon Management)

The programme familiarises participants with physical implications of climate change and links them to the policy and technical debates on climate action. Sessions will examine top-level climate action related to the Paris Climate Agreement, and explore the resulting responsibilities that climate action brings to governments, companies and individuals. Students will have a deep understanding of the climate crisis and think about how to contribute to creating a livable future.

Certificate for Module (Governance in Greater China: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau)

The objective of this programme is to introduce students to the key issues shaping governance and politics in Greater China (including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). The inter-connectedness amongst governing institutions, political leadership, economic development and economic integration will be discussed. Other topics include ideological differences, social identity, law and order, cross-border crime control, intergovernmental relations and the politics of planning and infrastructure development. Don’t miss this if you are interested in political topics of Greater China!

Adjust both physical and mental health, learn to enrich your life

Life needs balance, and there is life outside of work. After work, we should say goodbye to busyness, take a break from stress, take care of our physical and mental health, pursue our interests to make our life and work flourish together.

Certificate for Module (Craniosacral Therapy Self-Care Basic 10)

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle palpation therapy which can release tension of the central nervous system, stimulate the body's self-healing mechanism, achieve physical and mental health, relieve pain, improve sleep and have other effects through balancing and improving the functions of the craniosacral system. This programme teaches the knowledge and application skills of Craniosacral Therapy Self-Care Basic 10. Students can carry out self-healing during the learning process. If you are interested in craniosacral therapy, you can study it further and become a therapist.

 “Certificate in Yoga Teacher Training

The programme is specially designed for yoga enthusiasts or those who aspire to teach yoga. The course places equal focus on theory and practical learning. The former explains yoga’s origin, history, philosophy, breathing methods, basic yoga anatomy, yoga meditation and yoga vegetarianism, etc. The latter includes basic yoga postures, practice and key teaching points, allowing students to be able to fully master the steps and skills of giving yoga classes. If you can complete the course and meet the qualifications, you can apply for registration as a RYT200 yoga instructor.

Certificate for Module (Specialty Coffee: Introduction to Coffee and Brewing Skills)

Some people say that tasting coffee is tasting life. This programme provides an in-depth introduction to coffee-related knowledge: students will learn about coffee's journey from its origins to the major commodity it is today; from growing the beans through to drying, roasting, brewing and finally drinking; from various coffee-brewing methods and devices to the tasting process; from learning how to manipulate brewing techniques to improving coffee quality. Whether you love coffee or not, you will experience a wonderful journey.

Diploma in Chinese Tea Culture

Master Yeung Chi-sum (Mu Ru), the Founder of Muru Tea Studies, is the Chief Instructor of this programme. The curriculum pays attention to both spiritual and practical aspects. It does not just cover an introduction to Chinese tea studies, the orthodox knowledge of tea culture, and important academic elements of tea art, but also Pu'er tea tasting, Kung Fu tea tasting, and Oolong tea tasting. If you are fascinated by Chinese culture and want to improve your ability in tea aesthetics and appreciation, let's appreciate the connotation of tea culture together!

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