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Academic English

Academic writing is a crucial aspect of scholarly communication that requires precision, clarity, objectivity, and coherence to effectively communicate complex ideas, theories, and research findings. It demands a high level of rigour and attention to detail, emphasizing the importance of good organisation, structure, and syntax. Developing skills in academic writing equips students and scholars with the ability to produce high-quality academic texts that meet rigorous standards. Proficiency in academic writing is important for success in the professional world and enhances critical thinking skills.

We offer a series of Academic English courses to teach students at different levels of university studies to understand the Academic English language usages in preparing for their research proposals and dissertations, viva or research projects presetation. Our courses are especially useful for part-time and distance learning degree students who need extra mentoring in academic writing.

Our instructors are holders of Master's degrees or Doctorate degrees who obtained their degrees through research, viva and dissertations. 

This course will help you if you take a degree course that requires you to produce assignments in English. It will enable you to learn, to write and succeed across college and university curriculums. The course aims to empower you to write clearly, coherently, and concisely and to acquire the academic literacies and discourse conventions applicable to most disciplines in higher education.
Start 12 SEP 2024 (THU)
Duration 15 weeks
Fee HK$4,800
 This real-time online course aims to prepare students for their academic studies at English-speaking universities where academic writing skills are highly demanding. The course is divided into three stages in which generic academic writing skills are taught in the first stage (6 sessions), students are helped better understand college essay or project requirements in the second part (2 sessions), and personalised advice on students’ essay production is given in the third/final stage (4 sessions). Both the second and third stages are conducted in the form of a one-on-one personal / small group conference.
Start 08 OCT 2024 (TUE)
Duration 12 weeks
Fee HK$5,000

This course is designed for teachers and students who have to teach or produce advanced written texts for academic, professional or research purposes. The focus is on using product-focused, process-oriented and genre-based approaches to generate plain English texts that conform to academic and discipline-oriented standards in terms of genre conventions, rhetorical structures and discoursal features.  The instructor will demonstrate how to deconstruct and analyse model texts, journal articles and research papers in diverse contexts, invoke analytical thinking skills and develop effective instructional strategies on writing pedagogy. Participants will receive constructive feedback and suggestions on their writing products.

Start To be advised
Duration 25 hours
Fee HK$2850
This course aims to prepare students who plan to study abroad. Spoken and written everyday English will be introduced to students. Students will also be able to learn English that are essential to their daily, social, and academic needs.  
Start To be advised
Duration 6 weeks
Fee HK$3,200


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