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Rapid technology advancement is reshuffling economic powerhouses in the world landscape. With the evolution of the Revolution 4.0 progressing rapidly, the world economy is more than ever technology-driven fuelled by innovation.  As new digital technologies are developed rapidly, the demand for digital leaders and business executives with innovation and technology skills are therefore growing exponentially. 
Start To be advised
Duration 3 months
Fee HK$12,000

Thinking about advancing or changing your career? The Certificate in Legal Studies is a powerful and proven way to get ahead.

The Certificate in Legal Studies is one of Hong Kong's most popular and best-recognized part-time law programs with more than 15,000 graduates of this course. Join us now to benefit from pathways to PCLL, high exam pass rates, a flexible exam schedule, and a convenient course structure ideal for students with busy jobs.

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Start 17 OCT 2023 (TUE)
Duration 9-13 months
Fee Professional Stream: HK$39,000 per year
The programme provides systematic training in translation for those who have a degree in any discipline other than translation.
Start To be advised
Duration 15 months
Fee 1. Application fee: HK$150

2. Course fees
- Modules 1-5: HK$21,300 (students may exit the programme with a Postgraduate Certificate in Translation after successfully completing the first five modules)
- Modules 6-10: HK$22,300

(Fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred.)
The programme aims to provide students with elementary knowledge of time series analysis for financial data. It introduces basic time series models, models and tests for long-run relationships, volatility models and simultaneous equation models. Computational tools will be used to analyze time series and build financial models. This programme is suitable for students to prepare for postgraduate studies in finance and investment disciplines.
Start 18 NOV 2023 (SAT)
Duration 5 weeks
Fee HK$7600
The University of Hull, United Kingdom
This programme offered in Hong Kong is identical to the one offered at the University of Hull, UK. Graduate of the Higher Diploma, Associate Degree and Advanced Diploma in the areas of Accounting recognised by Hull are eligible to apply to the programme with exemptions. Students need to study 9 modules and can complete in 18 months. The programme is HKICPA and CPA Australia accredited and gains exemption from ACCA.
Start 13 JAN 2024 (SAT)
Duration 18 months
Fee HK$13,500 per module (All fees are subject to change without prior notice)

* Students can apply for Non-Means-Tested Loan. Please contact the Programme Team if you need further information.


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