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Cyber security is now widely recognised as an international priority, with hacking, malicious code, and data theft being just three of the many reasons why it's vital in the design, development and implementation of today’s IT systems. Unlike traditional bachelor degree programme (BSc) in Computer Science, the BSc (Honours) Cyber Security program at the University of Plymouth is a hands-on degree program that prepares students for the dynamic world of cybersecurity. With a focus on practical experience, students will study topics such as security architectures, cryptography,  security management, and computer forensics, as well as offensive security and ethical hacking. Graduates will be equipped to pursue various careers in cybersecurity, including information security analyst, cyber security engineer, network security architect, and cyber operations specialist.
Start To be advised
Duration 2 years
Fee HK$108,000* in four instalments (Year 2: HK$45,000; Year 3: HK$63,000)

* Subject to annual changes
This bachelor degree programme (Bsc) is designed to equip students with practical skills and technical knowledge about computer communications, systems and networks. This bachelor degree proramme also prepares graduates for a range of careers within the international computer networking industry for employment such as computer network engineers, designing, analysing and developing networks in both large and small organisations; or as managers involved in maintaining and developing computer networks to meet current and future operational and security requirements.
Start 01 OCT 2024 (TUE)
Duration 3 years
Fee Approximately HK$151,500* in six instalments (HK$119,080^ + £3,287^)
Registration Fee: £63^

* Subject to exchange rate
^ Subject to annual changes
Records are an essential tool and valuable resources for good business and efficient administration.
Start To be advised
Duration 6 months
Fee HK$11,000
The programme aims to prepare students for an industrial career, with skills in the fields of computing, knowledge presentation, reasoning, autonomic computing, robotics, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, data analytics in the context of AI, in addition to providing a relevant platform to embark on further research study. Students will also be able to apply the acquired skills in the development of AI systems and applications.
Start 02 SEP 2024 (MON)
Duration 2 years
Fee Total: HK$120,000 paid in 4 instalments
(subject to annual revision without prior notice)
The programme aims to prepare students for both an industrial career with skills in the fields of networks, sensor technologies, pervasive computing, embedded systems, signal processing, security, statistical analysis and data analytics in addition to providing a relevant platform to embark on further research study. Students will also be able to apply the acquired skills in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) systems and applications. Students will be introduced all the core taught material and understand a range of topics and skills associated with the creation, evaluation and deployment of IoT systems and applications.
Start To be advised
Duration 2 years
Fee HK$120,000 paid in 4 instalments
(subject to annual revision without prior notice)

Master of Information Studies provides students with in-depth understanding of the creation, evaluation, collection, organisation, utilisation and dissemination of information in the contemporary information environment.

This distance learning programme, offered in collaboration with Charles Sturt University, Australia, is supplemented by local tutorials. The obtained academic qualification has full recognition by Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA).

Upon special request, students can choose to exit at Graduate Diploma level and will receive the CSU Graduate Diploma of Information Studies (which is the Intermediate Award of Master of Information Studies).

>Credit exemption would be given to students with relevant academic qualifications in library and information management and/or working experience.

Start To be advised
Duration 24 months to 48 months
Fee HK$15,225 per 8 credit points subject
HK$7,613 per 4 credit points subject
HK$3,806 per 2 credit points subject

* Subject to review at the time of enrolment

The tuition fee is paid by subjects per session (3 sessions in a year).
This programme aims to provide a comprehensive range of IT knowledge and training for non-IT graduates who are facing the challenges of IT in work or looking for new career opportunities in IT fields.
Start 02 APR 2024 (TUE)
Duration 1 year
Fee $48,400 to be paid in 2 installments
1st installment: 26,400
2nd installment: 22,000
The programme aims to train healthcare professionals and those from related disciplines to develop the knowledge, understanding and competencies in mastering the advanced use of Information Technology skills in healthcare settings.
Start 04 NOV 2024 (MON)
Duration 1 year
Fee HK$51,000 to be paid in 2 installment
1st installment: HK$28,050; 2nd installment: HK$22,950
This programme is designed for IT professionals and IT project owners who would like to advance their career to the management level. The latest technical and project management skills including planning, design, auditing, budgeting, quality control and social medial application of IT projects will be covered.
Start 11 NOV 2024 (MON)
Duration 12 months
Fee HK$32,000

The programme is suited to prepare professionals or administrators who have to take their leadership in preparing and continuing  the implementation of Knowledge Management in the areas of organising and improving knowledge capturing, creation, application and sharing in their organisations. Various aspects of knowledge management as well as the application of technology in this field will be covered. Participants will experience the use of tools in knowledge management, such as After Action Review, Action Learning and Knowledge Creation. Current practices of various KM Models will be discussed. Case studies will be used and examples of local organisations will be shared. 

Start 05 MAR 2024 (TUE)
Duration 4 months