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The 20th Graduation Ceremony of the HKU SPACE Community College held successfullyEvent Recap

10 Dec 2021 (Fri)

The 20th Graduation Ceremony of the HKU SPACE Community College was successfully held at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium Arena, Hong Kong, on 27 October 2021. Last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the graduation ceremony was switched to a live broadcast. As the outbreak eased, the College resumed its physical graduation ceremony this year by complying with the government's precautionary measures. Teachers and students were able to gather together to share good wishes and say goodbye to each other, spending precious and unforgettable moments.

At the ceremony, the College awarded graduates from different divisions with associate degrees or higher diplomas, including the Division of Arts and Humanities, the Division of Mathematics and Science, the Division of English, the Division of Engineering and Technology, the Division of Economics and Business and the Division of Social Sciences. The opening speeches of the ceremony were given by Professor William K.M. Lee, Director of HKU SPACE, Professor Chan Lung-sang, College Principal, and Mr Lam Chiu-ying, Honorary Fellow of HKU SPACE.

Giving advice before parting

Professor William K.M. Lee praised the graduates for being able to adapt to the new online learning model, focusing on studying, and completing their goals while experiencing social turmoil and the pandemic during their two years of study. “Graduation is not the end of learning, but a stage in the journey of lifelong learning as well as a starting point of moving onto greater achievements.” Professor Lee said. He wished that the graduates could set higher goals for themselves, strive for the best, and move forward with enthusiasm.

Professor Chan Lung-sang said, “The College is very proud and feels honoured that students have completed their studies in two challenging years. It’s very commendable.” He thanked the teachers, staff, student counselors and alumni for their contributions and professional support, which allowed students to be able to achieve today's success. He hoped that the graduates can support new students and help the College benefit society after they have become part of the College’s alumni.

The former Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Mr Lam Chiu-ying, shared his learning experience with everyone, “Being interested in astronomy made me a director of the Observatory; loving and learning bird-watching made me the Chairman of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, and has changed my life.” He wished graduates could find their own direction, work hard towards their goals, and help others when they can, giving back to society, and working for the well-being of the planet.

Graduate testimonials

At the ceremony, the College also presented the Outstanding Teachers Awards to commend teachers for their excellent teaching performance, and presented different awards and scholarships to more than 60 students to recognise graduates who have achieved outstanding results or provided great services.

Lastly, the graduate representative Jeffrey Chan said in his thank you speech that in the past two years, they  not only needed to adjust their learning methods and improve time management, but also needed to remind themselves to stay away from various temptations. “I sincerely thank our lecturers for their kind and patient teaching, helping us solve problems both online and offline, and making us feel the warm atmosphere even when learning via the Internet.” He believed that despite difficulties and changes in their future lives, they would still be able to move forward with confidence.

Other students also expressed their feelings of graduation after the ceremony. Zoe Lo from the Associate of Social Sciences said, “HKDSE is not the only path to further studies. An associate degree can also help people discover their own strengths and find their direction.” Sharing the same view with Zoe, Anson Au, a fellow of the same subject, added, “Studying at the College has allowed me to recognise my own interests and goals, study hard, and successfully progress to the University of Hong Kong for the Interdisciplinary Programme in Global Creative Industries.”

Wong Ho-yin of the Higher Diploma in Interior Design advised new students, “An associate degree is a good choice for HKDSE students. Chance favours the prepared mind, so studying hard will deliver good performance.” Wong Ho-yin’s mother also shared her experience as a parent, “Although face-to-face classes were cancelled during the pandemic, teachers were very dedicated to online teaching and cared about students’ learning progress and life. Both the College and teachers were very good, which gave my child a sense of belonging.”