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RPL Assessment Agency for Logistics Industry

15 Mar 2017 (Wed)
Press Release

The School will take over as the new “Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment Agency” for the logistics industry on 15 March.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Logistics Industry Training Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee) and the appointment of the School as the new assessment agency for RPL, the School and the Advisory Committee jointly organised the 10th Anniversary Ceremony for the Qualifications Framework with a Seminar on New Milestones in the Logistics Industry. The main aim was to recognise the achievements of the logistics industry in promoting the Qualifications Framework and discuss the opportunities and challenges of the Qualifications Framework and the future development of the industry.

At the celebration ceremony, a keynote speech, group sharing session and award ceremony were held. Hon. Frankie Yick Chi Ming, the Legislative Councillor representing the Transport Functional Constituency, was invited as the main speaker to discuss the prospects of building a talent pool for the logistics industry. Other prominent figures from the industry also attended group discussions to discuss the new development milestones of the Qualifications Framework from the different perspectives of employers, employees, training institutions and students.

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