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Jan 2024

Sustainable Finance and Green FinTech (15 Jan)

FinTech and Financial Intelligence

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Date & time
15Jan 2024 (Mon)13:00 - 13:30
  • Mr Eddie Chow

Mr Eddie Chow

Mr. Eddie Chow is a data science practitioner and AI Researcher who received his master degree in E-Commerce from the City University of Hong Kong. He actively consults in the application of machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence in Real Estate, Agriculture, Retail, Fashion and Consumer Goods industries. He is also the founder and CTO of InnoVi, is a tech entrepreneur providing AI solutions to clients, which specializes in natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision. He also an co-founder of several tech startups. Besides, he also got banking and finance experience such as mortgage, credit card, bank transfer, e-payment, General Ledger, Accounting Transaction, account management, payment gateway. In InnoVi, he helps businesses especially from the construction and retail industries formulate strategies and conduct latest technology on scaling their business. He is also a startup mentor coaching the startup founders from formation to scaling up throughout each step of the validation phase.

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Sustainable Finance and Green FinTech

Sustainable finance and green fintech are two important topics that relate to how financial technology can support environmental goals and projects. According to the Asian Development Bank1, sustainable finance is “the provision of finance to investments taking into account environmental, social, and governance considerations,” and green fintech is “the application of financial technology to green finance.”

To overcome these challenges and realize the potential of green fintech, it is important to have a supportive and enabling policy environment that can foster collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders, such as regulators, policymakers, financial institutions, fintech firms, investors, and consumers. 

Language: Cantonese (Supplemented with English)