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Board for Continuing and Professional Education and Lifelong Learning (CPELL)

This Board, with senior University members, representatives of the School and external members, has authority delegated by the Senate, for the School's academic awards and policies, particularly its quality assurance policies.

The members of the Board are:


Professor Ian Holliday

Dr Bruce S.N. Cheung
Dr Martin C.H. Cheung
Professor Stephen Y.W. Chu
Dr John Cribbin 
Professor William K.M. Lee
Dr Francis C.C. Ling
Professor Sonny S.H. Lo
Ms Ginny W.Y. Man
Dr M.F. Pang
Professor K.P. Wong
Dr John Yeung
Professor Bennett C.K. Yim
In Attendance Ms Jacqueline W.Y. Chui
Ms Jennifer S.M. Wong


The School’s Management Structure

Internally, the School has a collegiate organisation:

The wide range of part-time programmes (18 subject groups) is allocated among three colleges which are the College of Business and Finance, the College of Humanities and Law and the College of Life Sciences and Technology.  The latter includes the Chinese Medicine Clinics and Pharmacy.

The School established the HKU SPACE Community College in the year 2000 to provide versatile, full-time, further education through its Associate Degree and Higher Diploma programmes. To date, with some 7,000 students, the Community College represents one of the finest institutions of its kind in Hong Kong. The School also works with the Po Leung Kuk, in the HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College (HPSHCC), named in appreciation of Dr Stanley Ho's generous donation to the College. HPSHCC now has some 2,500 students in its high quality programmes.

The International College (IC) provides overseas bachelor's degree level study opportunity for Associate Degree and Higher Diploma graduates.   It currently has some 500 students.