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2020 Autumn Prospectus is available!

2020 Autumn Prospectus is now available!

You have a plan. So what now? Everyone has their own definition of a great plan for their life. It may not be big words that change the world, but it could be every little action you take in your daily life. Rediscover your passion for learning through studying a new foreign language, improving your workplace skills, or developing a new interest ... Think Big, Act Small. It’s the way to reach your goal!

CEF Course 2020 Overview

HKU SPACE offers the most comprehensive selection of Continuing Education Fund (CEF) reimbursable courses – with nearly 1,900 courses to choose from. You can also  choose from 60 areas of interest from business to the humanities, and technology to health science. The curriculum and class arrangements are flexible for adult learners, and offer numerous options for evening courses and short-term courses. By completing the courses, eligible applicants may receive a Government subsidy of up to 80%.

This year, the School launched a wide range of new courses for both fun and practical skills, such as Company Secretarial Practices, Applied Big Data in Digital Healthcare, Introductory Portuguese, a Professional Diploma in Marketing for Pharmaceutical Industries, and Introduction to Chinese Medicine Cuisine.

The Prospectus is available in a hard copy at our learning centres or distribution points.

Download the e-version now! 

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accounting construction

  Corporate Governance 
  Finance and Compliance 

  Financial Services and Insurance

  FinTech and Financial Intelligence
  Investment Management 
  Risk Management

  Construction, Safety & Built Environment
  Digital Building Design
  Heritage Conservation & Management
  Housing & Property
  Logistics & Transport

Arts & Design BM

  Arts Management
  Chinese Art
  Culture & Philosophy
  Performing Arts
  Western Art

  Business Management
  Human Capital Leadership
  Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship 
  Supply Chain and Logistics Management 

lanaguage law

  Other Languages

  Alternative Dispute Resolution 
  Common Law and Professional Courses

health sciences marketing

  Chinese Medicine 
  Dietetics, Food & Nutrition 
  Medical Sciences 
  Nursing Studies and Healthcare
  Smart Wellness & Sustainability
  Sports, Exercise & Recreation 

  Hospitality, Tourism & Events 
  Digital and Social Media Marketing 
  Marketing Communications and Branding 
  Retail, Fashion & Luxury Brand Management

social sciences technology

  Media & Communication
  Psychology & Counselling
  Social Work & Sociology 

  Advanced Technology & Computing 
  Data Science 
  General and Environmental Sciences 
  Library & Information Studies