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The talk of tea studies and the beauty of tea appreciationEvent Recap

16 Jul 2021 (Fri)

The talk of tea studies and the beauty of tea appreciation

On 15 May 2021, the Performing Arts team of the College of Humanities and Law and Muru Tea Studies jointly held a special forum “The Inheritance and Future of Chinese Tea Studies". Master Yeung Chi-sum (Mu Ru), the Founder of Muru Tea Studies, was invited as the host to discuss the inheritance and future of tea studies with a number of senior tea specialists, giving ideas of tea studies and education; Instructors from Muru Tea Studies also demonstrated brewing skills of the “Kung Fu tea ceremony” in person, together with the presentation of six sets of sophisticated tea ceremony arrangement which allows participants to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese tea culture.

Hong Kong is a window to the world of Chinese tea, and it is also a popular hub for tea culture. To continue this profound traditional culture, the School will launch the first “Diploma in Chinese Tea Culture” programme in Hong Kong, with Master Muru as the Chief Instructor. The programme offers an academic understanding of and a practical approach to Chinese tea – it includes not only tea culture education such as history, philosophy and aesthetics understanding, but also professional training such as appreciation of tea and brewing skills; the programme encompass 6 main topics: Pu'er tea appreciation, Kung Fu tea appreciation, introduction to tea ceremony, Oolong tea appreciation, selection and appreciation of major tea, and introduction to tea studies, with a hope to make contributions to the future development of tea culture in the new era.