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The journey into a legal career: Hold the key to the world of lawFeature Story

04 May 2022 (Wed)
Jasmin Chan

Jasmin Chan

Lizabeth Chang

Lizabeth Chang

People who have worked for many years in the same industry often believe that switching career is not an easy task, especially when they want to move into a professional field, which is something many people don’t even dare to dream of. However, as long as you are determined, switching careers may be easier than you think. In fact, many people have challenged themselves and successfully broken out of their limitations.

Lizabeth Chang: From female lead to legal talent

People with T-shaped skills are popular in recruitment. A T-shaped talent not only has a broad range of skills, but also has deep knowledge and unique insights into professional fields. They are able to combine their skills to maximise their performance and results at work, creating more opportunities. The versatile Lizabeth Chang is a great example of someone who has a T-shaped talent.

In 2009, Lizabeth Chang won Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant, and was also named Miss Photogenic and Miss Popularity. In 2010, she was Miss Chinese International Pageant second runner-up. In 2012, she had her broadcast TV debut, introducing herself to the audience through playing the female lead Kan Ching Ching in “The Hippocratic Crush”. Even though her acting career was a success from the start, Chang remained humble with a studious attitude. “I intend to challenge myself from being a leading actress, aiming to become a lawyer. I believe with my hard work and determination; I will reach my goal,” said Chang.

Just as she said she would, she graduated the HKU SPACE Diploma in Legal Studies programme with flying colours, and is currently attending Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Preparation Courses at the internationally renowned University of London, a longstanding partner of HKU SPACE. “I hope to live up to my full potential in the legal field in the future, and begin a new chapter in my life,” Chang said with confidence.

Jasmin Chan: Finding the right time to change career path

After 8 years in customer service and marketing, Jasmin Chan began to consider a career switch.  She dreamed of becoming a lawyer, and decided to embark on studying law. Starting on Hong Kong’s best introductory law programme, the HKU SPACE’s Certificate in Legal Studies, Jasmin built on her accomplishments as she continued to get a Distinction on the HKU SPACE’s Graduate Diploma in English and Hong Kong Law and successfully secured a place on the full-time PCLL programme at HKU, moving another step closer to her dream.

Jasmin said she chose HKU SPACE because the School has a great reputation in part-time law studies, and has helped many full-time employees with their career switch. Her advice: “Plan a suitable schedule and stick to it. Never skip a class! You can learn so much in class, and it will give you more confidence for the exams.”

After graduating from Hong Kong University, Jasmin is now a trainee solicitor. She is also a mentor at HKU SPACE, regularly returning to the School to give guidance to law students, and share her experience.

HKU SPACE is a Recognised Teaching Centre for the University of London, with which it has been working for more than 60 years on providing Preparation Courses for its LL.B. The School is also the only provider of the Graduate Diploma in English and Hong Kong Law, which has been offered in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University for more than 30 years, and is Hong Kong’s most popular part-time pathway  to a legal career for non-law graduates. The mission of the School is to offer an opportunity to those who have dreams and perseverance.

The Graduate Diploma in English and Hong Kong Law (CPE) and the University of London LL.B. Preparation Courses are exempted courses under the Non-Local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.