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HKU SPACE Signs MOU with Hong Kong Police College to Support Continuation of Professional Training

03 May 2023 (Wed)
Press Release

HKU SPACE has extended the memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 12 April 2023 with Hong Kong Police College (HKPC) in order to enhance collaboration in developing professional and specialised training for staff members of the Police Force. The first MOU was signed in 2016 for a period of five years and the renewal of the MOU for another five years signified the determination and commitment of both organisations to fostering a professional disciplined service in Hong Kong, and beyond Hong Kong. Hong Kong Police Force is amongst one of the most professional disciplined services in South-East Asia and continuing development and specialisation of policing education is essential to ever-advancing the professional reputation of the Police Force. The MOU was signed by Professor William K. M. Lee, Director of HKU SPACE and Mr Wong Chung Chun, Dick, the Director of HKPC.

This agreement enhances efforts between HKU SPACE and HKPC to work together across different areas of specialised training. The agreement will support the professionalisation of disciplined services and HKU SPACE will continue to offer a wide array of specialised training to members of the Police Force, from half-day workshops to award-bearing programmes pitched at HK Qualification Framework Level-6.

Speaking at the Signing Ceremony, Professor William K.M. Lee, Director of HKU SPACE, said, “As the former Executive Director of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualification in 2014 when I happened to have participated in the accreditation of HKPC, I was excited to further collaborate with the Police College in the course of joining HKU SPACE in 2015, that we signed the first MOU in 2016. I had the opportunity to oversee how different programmes were being developed for the professional development of members of the Police Force. We are committed to the advancement of a professional disciplined force acclaiming international excellence.”

Mr Wong Chung Chun, Dick, the Director of HKPC, said, “We are grateful for the collaboration with HKU SPACE on developing professional training programmes that will not only benefit our staff, but also building our reputation and increase public recognition of a professional Force. Over the years, we worked together to provide specialised training programmes to staff, and the latest one, the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Order Studies (Crisis Negotiation)(PgD in POS(CN)), pitched at QF Level 6, is tailor made for members of the Police Negotiation Cadre (PNC). Not only it provides specialised training to PNC, it also serves as a training base for international counterparts for benchmarking.”

HKU SPACE is currently running the PgD in POS(CN) for PNC and credit exemption was given under the agreement of the MOU, symbolising the academic recognition of the accredited programmes HKPC had developed over the years. The MOU targets to enhance the academic collaboration between HKU SPACE and HKPC to promote professional and continuing education for members of the Police Force, and to secure an internationally acclaimed disciplined service.