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Building an AI Hub for Education through Technology

26 Apr 2024 (Fri)
Press Release

The exponential advancements of generative AI have had a profound influence on the field of education. In line with HKU's commitment to generative AI, the School has integrated AI into its curriculum, incorporating AI elements into teaching and syllabi starting from the 2023/24 academic year. This strategic approach aims to equip students with the necessary guidance to utilise AI effectively and ethically while also ensuring that they develop a solid proficiency in AI tools that align with the demands of future employers. 

Centralising AI tools for enhanced learning 

HKU SPACE is committed to investing in and utilising advanced technology as well as available learning resources to promote innovative and creative teaching pedagogies that elevate the learning journey. By incorporating generative AI into our educational practices, we offer students dynamic and interactive learning experiences tailored to their individual needs and abilities. This personalised approach not only encourages active engagement and participation but also enhances overall learning outcomes. To further this commitment, the School launched the "HKU SPACE AI Hub" in January 2024, which embodied our goal to embrace technology in teaching and learning. 

The AI Hub is a platform that provides access to cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies and resources, designed to support all staff, teachers, part-time and full-time students alike within the School in their pursuit of learning, experimentation, and innovation with AI. 

This platform brings together the latest AI tools such as ChatGPT, generative AI, and big data analytics, consolidating them into a single website accessible to all staff, teachers, and students of the School. The e-Learning Team will provide comprehensive training and support to users to maximise the benefits of the platform. 

The School’s objective is to equip teachers and students with AI solutions that not only enrich their teaching and learning experiences, but also enhance learning outcomes, improve work performance and productivity, and optimise various tasks and processes. Furthermore, the School aims to cultivate a culture of innovation and creativity within the HKU SPACE community, and to inspire new ideas and provide practical solutions to real-world problems.