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Life at HKU SPACE Memorabilia

First Prospectus Cover: “Emperor Taizong of Tang”

In 1957, the first ever ‘Programme of Courses’ for the HKU Department of Extra-Mural Studies (HKU DEMS) was published. It had a bold red cover to attract attention and featured a portrait of Emperor Taizong of Tang. This referred to the course in the prospectus which was on the Civilization of the Tang Dynasty.

Altogether there were nearly a dozen courses in the first prospectus ranging from Chinese culture to music, and architecture to mathematics. With the exception of the Architectural Practice and Procedure course, none of the courses were directly aimed at a particular examination. They were more for personal enrichment and general interest, which would in turn benefit the study of that subject as well.

 In the foreword to the prospectus, the Director of the DEMS at that time, Gerald Moore said that not every course provided by the DEMS was listed. But even today one still can see the great diversity of subjects and range of interests.