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Accounting & Finance Environmental, Social and Governance

Environmental, Social and Governance

Owing to the changing environment and global climate, the impact of social factors, and the continuous changes in corporate governance, governments, corporations, institutional investors and individual investors are paying more attention to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors to achieve sustainable development. Investors and analysts are now considering the corporate performance linking to ESG before making their investment decision, causing an accelerating growth of ESG investment and emerging demand for Green Finance. We offer programmes with the ESG themes to equip learners with contemporary analysis in ESG and climate risks as well as new ESG investments which support your career advancement and enhance investment opportunities.

Environmental, Social and Governance Programmes

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課程旨在教授學員認識環境、社會和管治 (Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)) 的概念與因素,了解有關ESG投資機遇與可持續發展投資市場及產品,研究企業在環境、社會和管治方面的表現及洞悉其投資價值。此外,本課程也會指導學員就有關環境、社會和管治及可持續投資的產品進行分析及選擇。完成課程後,學員能夠選取自己的投資產品以作策略投資部署。
開課日期 2024年5月18日 (星期六)
修業期 30小時
課程費用 HK$5700
The programme is offered in collaboration with Hong Kong Shippers' Council. The programme aims to provide students with comprehensive understanding on the main features of the evolving landscape of the global supply chain and logistics industry during and after the pandemic situation.  It also aims to enhance the professional competence of students with the knowledge and practical capability to address the complexity and challenges of adapting to the post-pandemic new normal.
Start To be advised
Duration 4 months
Fee HK$5,500
開課日期 待定
修業期 30小時
課程費用 HK$5700