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Mar 2024

Profit Reimagined: Navigating the DeFi Landscape Against Traditional Backdrops (1 Mar)

FinTech and Financial Intelligence

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Date & time
01Mar 2024 (Fri)12:30 - 13:00
Type of Event
Online Attendance
  • Dr. Simon Yiu (Part-Time Lecturer)

Dr. Simon Yiu

Dr.Yiu has over 20 years' IT experience of quantitative algorithmic trading design (data-feed, strategy, back-test, porfolio monitoring and execution), infrastructure management (low latency trading and network, OS and application), implementation, project management to formulate and development business strategic and operation management.

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Dive into the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with our insightful seminar, "Profit Reimagined: Navigating the DeFi Landscape Against Traditional Backdrops." This session is dedicated to uncovering how DeFi radically redefines the concept of profit, setting itself apart from traditional financial systems. We will explore the transformative nature of DeFi, examining how its innovative models and technologies offer a stark contrast to conventional profit mechanisms in finance. The seminar aims to provide initial understanding of the unique profit paradigms emerging within DeFi and their implications for the broader financial landscape. Attendees will engage with the fundamental shifts in financial thinking and operations brought about by DeFi, gaining an essential perspective on how profit is being reshaped in this exciting new domain.

The seminar will be delivered via online platform and the registered participants will receive notification with a link for the online seminar by 1 Mar 2024.​