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May 2023

Algorithmic Trading with Calculated Signals Online Seminar (18 May 2023)

FinTech and Financial Intelligence

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Date & time
18May 2023 (Thu)13:00 - 13:30
Online seminar via Zoom
  • Mr Richard Hickling ( Co-Founder of ProfitView)

Mr Richard Hickling

Richard Hickling is a prominent fintech expert with two decades of experience in investment banking and leading global stock exchange and data provider teams. As Co-Founder of ProfitView, Richard's vision for the future of finance is in algorithmic trading, where his platform's offerings are targeted. As an expert in trading, he understands the importance of removing the complexity of technology to allow traders to play to their strengths. Richard's goal is to make a significant impact in the world of finance by providing innovative and effective solutions for traders to achieve success.(See

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Language: English

Technical analysis is commonly used in investment and is a market price analysis method that analyzes past price trends and predicts future price trends. There is a practice of using patterns similar to past price movements to predict future patterns in the market. The speaker would like to discuss his valuable experience in technical analysis and the rationale for the exponential mean crossover strategy. Also, he would like to illustrate the application of Python to gather market data, build a signal and execute trades.