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May 2023

Becoming Housing and Facilities Management Professionals

Housing & Property

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Date & time
11May 2023 (Thu)18:00 - 19:00 Free
2508 8819 / 2508 8820 / 2508 8805 / 2508 8823 (
Relevant Programmes
Professional Diploma in Housing Management Advanced Diploma in Facility and Property Management Certificate in Property Management

Property and facility management requires professional service across multi-disciplines and its service quality also affects the safety and hygiene standards of buildings as well as the living environment of the public. The programmes provided learners with a wide range of conceptual and practical knowledge and skills necessary in today's property and facility management environments to meet their individual needs for career development as well as pursuit of higher-level professional housing education.

The programmes are suitable for learners at different academic levels who wish to enhance their knowledge and pursuit career advancement in the property and facility management sector.