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Mar 2022

All you need to know to cope with COVID

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23Mar 2022 (Wed)16:00 - 17:00 Free
Type of Event
Online Attendance
  • Dr Joseph Tsang
Dr Joseph Tsang

Dr Joseph Tsang

著名感染及傳染病專科醫生; 醫學會傳染病顧問委員會聯席主席; 香港感染及傳染病學會理事會會董; 香港中文大學內科及藥物治療學系的名譽臨床助理教授

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What I need to know about getting the vaccine? Do I still need a vaccine or booster if I’ve already had COVID? Who should get a second booster or fourth jab?

What should you do if someone in your family gets COVID?

Are there any drugs or treatments you can buy over the counter to help ease the symptoms? Are there any drugs you should not take?

Hong Kong is facing a severe outbreak of COVID Omicron cases, and people have many questions like those above. On 23 March, Dr Tsang Kay Yan, a Specialist in Infectious Diseases will share his professional knowledge about this hot issue and provide the latest information.