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10月 2023

Unlocking Actionable Insights in Finance: The Basics of Web Scraping and Text Analytics Online Seminar (13 Oct 2023)





2023年10月13日 (星期五)13:00 - 13:30
  • Dr. Simon Yiu (Part-Time Lecturer)

Dr. Simon Yiu

Dr.Yiu has over 20 years' IT experience of quantitative algorithmic trading design (data-feed, strategy, back-test, porfolio monitoring and execution), infrastructure management (low latency trading and network, OS and application), implementation, project management to formulate and development business strategic and operation management.

2520 4612 (
Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Analytics and Algo Trading Postgraduate Diploma in FinTech and Legal Regulations

In today's fast-paced financial landscape, are you overwhelmed by its complexity and volatility? Imagine a world where you could make informed investment decisions powered by data-driven insights, extracted directly from various online sources. In this concise 20-minute talk, we'll first help you understand the need for data, illustrating why, in an ever-changing field like finance, the right information can be your most valuable asset. Next, we'll guide you on identifying the right sources, teaching you where to find the most reliable financial data to give you a competitive edge. We'll wrap up by introducing the indispensable techniques of web scraping and text analytics that enable you to collect and interpret this critical data. Whether you're a seasoned financial analyst, an aspiring student, or a professional aiming to broaden your skills, this quick, yet comprehensive overview provides the foundational knowledge to harness untapped web data for actionable financial insights.

The seminar will be delivered via online platform. and the registered participants will receive notification with a link for the online seminar by 13 Oct 2023.​