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Linguaskill – the NEW Cambridge English Language Proficiency Test


Why Linguaskill?

A PROOF of your English Proficiency for Further Studies

Apart from IELTS, Linguaskill is an ideal choice.  Be prepared! 

You will not go wrong for doing extra! Impress the college/university admission offices for more chances of offers.  To make up for the absence of a breakdown score for Speaking skills, Linguaskill General Speaking is a good option.


A TOOL for Recruitment, Appraisal and People Development

Corporate businesses use Linguaskill for assessing their employees’ language abilities, deploy the test for staff recruitment, grading, training, etc.

Internationally recognised, Linguaskill sets benchmarks and eases formulation of people development plans, resulting in heightened loyalty, boosted staff morale and optimised productivity.  


An EVIDENCE of your English Ability for Immigration

Linguaskill Test results demonstrate your English language abilities to live, work and study in Hong Kong and overseas. 

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A BENCHMARK for Continuing Education Fund (CEF) Claims

Linguaskill is an upgraded version of the former Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) Tests with effect from April 2020.  Linguaskill is a recognised benchmark test for CEF-reimbursable courses:

At HKU SPACE, all award-bearing courses, except Advanced Diploma in General English, have been included in the list of reimbursable courses under the Continuing Education Fund.  Linguaskill Tests is the adopted benchmark test for CEF claims*. To be eligible, course participants should:

  • Complete a CEF Consent Form
  • Pass the performance requirement (50%)
  • Meet the attendance requirement (70%)
  • Attain the stipulated proficiency level in the Cambridge Linguaskill Test

* Both course and test fees are claimable. 

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