[Online] 法律課程資訊講座及模擬課堂 - 香港大學專業進修學院
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7月 2020
8月 2020

[Online] 法律課程資訊講座及模擬課堂

A law qualification is a powerful and proven way to add value to your career.  In these uncertain times, legal knowledge gives you protection, from potential unknown harm, risks and liabilities. The Certificate in Legal Studies as Hong Kong's most popular introductory law program, can provide you with this essential legal knowledge.

High exam pass rates, face to face teaching by legal professionals, and proven course structure specially designed for students with families and busy jobs. More than 12,000 students who started on this program, have discovered the Certificate in Legal Studies is the proven way to start their legal studies. Many of our former students who started on the Certificate in Legal Studies program are now working as legal professionals.

Join our free seminars and sample classes and discover why enrolling in the Certificate in Legal Studies is your best study option for 2020.

In view of the public health interest, we will be conducting the information seminars and sample classes from our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/hkuspacelaw/ and Youtube Channel "HKU SPACE law".