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Becoming a "Tree Doctor" (Arborist)

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Do you want to do more for our trees? An arborist specializes in the cultivation, management and study of trees. His/her main focus is on the proper caring to ensure the health and structural conditions of trees, hence the term “tree doctor”. This course gives you a glimpse into the career in arboriculture.

A series of tree collapsing accidents since 2008, the need for a qualified arborist is in demand for local tree management, as trees are not only a natural part of the greenery but living members of the community embodying historic, cultural and even emotional meanings.





Learning Objective


22 JUL 19



Introduction to becoming a “Tree Doctor”


i. Understand the works of arborist and the significance of tree management works

ii. Understand the importance of trees, particularly urban trees

iii. Understand the challenges of urban trees


23 JUL 19 (TUE)

Field Visit to an Urban Park

i. Understand basic plant classification

ii. Recognize 20 common urban trees in Hong Kong


24 JUL 19


Tree risk assessment

i. Distinguish tree risk and hazard

ii. Understand basic components and procedures for tree risk assessment(TRA) by using visual tree assessment (VTA)

iii. Explain how trees adopt different environmental situations and carry out correctional growth


25 JUL 19 (THU)

Field Practice - Tree risk assessment 1

i. Apply VTA knowledge to conduct TRA

ii. Appraise the condition of trees

iii. Provide feasible and reasonable mitigation for various tree problems


26 JUL 19 (FRI)

Field Practice - Tree risk assessment 2 and exploring urban forest 

Part 1: Tree risk assessment 2 (tree doctor assessment)

Part 2: Exploring urban forest

i. Consolidate TRA knowledge

ii. Apply TRA knowledge independently

iii. Describe and explain the importance and benefit of urban trees



27 JUL 19 (SAT)

Reflection and conclusion



Application Code 1792-1036NW -

Days / Time
  • Mon - Sat, 9:30am - 12:30pm

Applicants should be aged 15 or above


Course Fee
  • Course Fee : HK$4,300
Enrolment Method


Apply OnlineApply Online 網上報名


Applicants shall

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Cheque/Bank draft should be made payable to ‘HKU SPACE’ with applicant’s name and course(s) applied written on the back.  A photo of the applicant (in plain colour background, 45mm(W) x 55mm(H)) is also required.

b)  apply through the School’s online enrolment system and pay by credit card or PPS.

All applicants who are below age 18 on 16 July 2019 MUST complete and submit the ‘Parent/Guardian Consent Form’ together with the Enrolment Form.

If you are applying for more than one course, please check to ensure that there is no clash of class schedules before submitting your application.


  1. Fees and places on courses cannot be transferred from one applicant to another. Once accepted to a course, the student may not change to another course without approval from HKU SPACE. A processing fee of HK$120 will be levied on approved transfers.
  2. Receipts will be issued for fees paid but HKU SPACE will not be responsible for any loss of receipt sent by mail.
  3. Receipts will only be issued once. For additional copies of proof of payments, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with a completed form and a crossed cheque for HK$30 per copy made payable to ‘HKU SPACE’. Such copies will only normally be issued at the end of a course.

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