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Revisit the Silk Road. Unlock the Secrets of Business Globalization.Event Recap

The 9-day Executive Study Tour to Central Asia came to a successful conclusion on June the 5th 2018. Led by Professor Liu Ningrong, Deputy Director (Business and China) of HKU SPACE, Principal of Institute for China Business and HKU SPACE Executive Academy, our students revisited the ancient trade road – the Silk Road. They explored the hinterland of Eurasian civilization, the Belt and Road important “hub-type” countries, including Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

With our strong and professional academic exchange resources, ICB worked with KIMEP University, the most international and innovative academic institution in Central Asia, and National University of Uzbekistan, known as the “mother of Central Asia universities” and the cradle of politicians. High quality academic courses were provided with cutting edge knowledge. The senior professors in the classroom interpreted the history of Central Asian countries in a multi-dimensional way and enlightened the students to think deeply about the future corporate investment and strategic layout from the perspectives of macroeconomics, national policies and sustainable development. Corporates and organizations were the highlights of the visits, our students had good chances to examine several SMEs with strong development potentials through company visits and face-to-face dialogues with their senior management and representatives. This undoubtedly will lead to great opportunities for cooperation in the future. Students reflected that the tour has not only given them unparalleled experience but also enlightenment which has broadened their horizons. They reported that they have now gained a much deeper understanding of the connotation of “Belt and Road”