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Maisy Ho Centre for Teaching and Learning

Maisy Ho Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Maisy Ho Centre for Teaching and Learning was established in August 2018, and named after Ms Maisy Ho BBS to honour her generous donation to HKU SPACE.

Our Vision

The vision of the centre is to become the leading teaching and learning centre for professional education in Hong Kong by supporting, improving, and enhancing the pedagogical and technological skills and knowledge of the teachers at HKU SPACE and providing carefully curated induction training and professional development activities to teachers. The Maisy Ho Centre for Teaching and Learning also endeavours to develop discipline-specific pedagogies that target both young adults (full-time learners) and working adults (part-time learners) through consultation and collaboration with teaching practitioners of different disciplines from local and international universities and institutions. The centre also promotes quality teaching and learning practices at HKU SPACE by reinforcing and enhancing the current quality assurance framework and process.

Our Mission

In its goal to become a leading teaching and learning centre for professional education, the Maisy Ho Centre for Teaching and Learning will organise conferences and a variety of courses, talks, seminars and workshops and host a website that will provide downloadable reference materials, resources, and recorded talks and seminars  that can be widely shared among the teachers at HKU SPACE. The centre is also actively involved in the programme outcome assessment exercise to help enhance the current quality assurance process at HKU SPACE. Finally, the centre also administers the Outstanding Teacher Award which seeks to identify and reward exemplary teachers from the ‘bottom up’ and appreciate as well as acknowledge their efforts.

2nd International Conference


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Outcomes-based Approach to Student Learning (OBASL) (2022)

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Disability Inclusion in Higher Education: Educators as Change Agents (2022)

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Creating an Active Learning Experience for Your Online Classroom (2022)

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OTA Forum


OTA Teacher Forum: In Dialogue with Outstanding Teachers 2020/21 (2022)

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Seminar on Microcredentials (2022)

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Teaching and Learning Symposium (2021)

Promoting Student Learning via Interactive Teaching and Technology-enhanced Assessment



International conference (2020)

International Conference

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International Conference on Quality and Self-financed Higher Education Connecting Local and Global

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POA workshops (2020)


POA in the Validation and Approval

Process for New Programmes  click

Digital Literacy Seminar Series (DLSS) (2020)


Gauging the online learning landscape: Sharing experiences in developing paid and free MOOC and e-CPD courses Mobile Learning

DLSS: Gauging the Online Learning Landscape:

Sharing Experiences in Developing Paid

and Free MOOC and e-CPD coursesclick

DLSS: Mobile Learning: Classroom

Engagement and Assessmentclick

Assessment and Pedagogy Seminar Series (APSS) (2020)


APSS 20200210 WS03_ICON Issues and Ethics

APSS: Engaging students cognitively in

active learning through classroom

feedback and online discussion forumsclick

APSS: Formative Feedback Practices

in Action Developmentclick


APSS: Issues and Ethics

of Online Assessment


POA workshops (2019)


image3 image1' Image 3

POA Induction Workshop for Full Time
Programme in KEC 

POA Induction Workshop for Part Time
Programme in ADC

POA Induction Workshop in ADC205 on
27 Nov 2019

DIGITAL LITERACY seminar series (2019)



Technology-aided Teaching


professional development events (2019)



Roundtable Discussion on Embracing
Cultural Diversity on Campuses


Maisy Ho Centre for Teaching and Learning
9/F T. T. Tsui Building,
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