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The Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Education and Vocational Education programme is for participants with or without background in education. 
The Doctor of Education (Lifelong Education) (EdD) degree programme in collaboration with the University of Nottingham provides doctoral graduates to the tertiary education and training sectors.


The Diploma in Special Education programme is for teachers and other participants. It consists of five modules: Dyslexia; ADD and ADHD; Gifted education; ASD; and Hearing impairment.


Early childhood education courses focus on Montessori and Waldorf suitable for teachers and parents. English teaching courses provide training for English teachers and those interested in teaching English. Other courses include research methodology etc.

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This programme aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective programme planners, and trainers in adult and vocational education institutions, teachers of post-secondary education colleges, as well as human development personnel in corporations and businesses.

This programme is suitable for Trainers in commerce, industry and public sectors; Teachers in vocational, technical, professional, community and adult education; Personnel involved in programme management, administration and human resources development. The course is open to applicants without prior teaching or training experience.
Start To be advised
Duration 14 months
Fee HK$43,000
爲具有一定普通話水平,已從事普通話教學工作或準備從事普通話教學工作的人士而設。 形成正確的普通話教學理念;瞭解語言學及教育學基礎知識;掌握普通話常用的教學方法和步驟;能獨立管控和有效實施普通話的課堂教學。
開課日期 2020年9月30日 (星期三)
修業期 5個月
課程費用 HK$11,900
開課日期 2020年10月7日 (星期三)
修業期 1年至3年
課程費用 註冊費 $400
特殊教育(讀寫障礙) $6250
認識及支援專注力不足及過度活躍學童 $3950
認識及支援資優學童 $3950
認識及支援自閉症譜系障礙學童 $3950
聽覺健康及支援聽覺受損學童 $3950
開課日期 2021年8月25日 (星期三)
修業期 6個月
課程費用 HK$9,970
This programme aims to provide students with cutting-edge information and practical experience to pursue a coaching career in youth sports, tertiary and Olympic or professional sports. Students in the programme will learn current practices in sport identification and development, coaching methodology, sport psychology, applied biomechanics, strength and conditioning, application of research, and the administration of sport programs. It will enhance their understanding of coaching programming to meet the specific needs of clients that they are supervising in the community. 
Start To be advised
Duration 2 years
Fee HK$24,500
開課日期 待定
修業期 6個月
課程費用 HK$9,970
Psychology is the study of human’s behaviour, performance, and mental operations. It also refers to the application of the knowledge, which can be used to understand social phenomenon, treat mental health problems, and improve education, employment, and relationships, etc. The subject lies at the intersection of applied, educational, and theoretical science.
The objectives of this short course are (1) to introduce participants to the field of psychology; (2) to describe how various psychological approaches contribute to our understanding of everyday life settings; and (3) to apply the knowledge from these studies to our own personal and professional lives.
Start 07 OCT 2020 (WED)
Duration 6 weeks
Fee HK$2520

This course is designed for teachers and students who have to teach or produce advanced written texts for academic, professional or research purposes. The focus is on using product-focused, process-oriented and genre-based approaches to generate plain English texts that conform to academic and discipline-oriented standards in terms of genre conventions, rhetorical structures and discoursal features.  The instructor will demonstrate how to deconstruct and analyse model texts, journal articles and research papers in diverse contexts, invoke analytical thinking skills and develop effective instructional strategies on writing pedagogy. Participants will receive constructive feedback and suggestions on their writing products.

Start 13 OCT 2020 (TUE)
Duration 10 weeks
Fee HK$2750
戀愛與性是人生的重要部份,卻是很多人的忌諱。課程以應用心理學、性學及社會學的理論為基礎,探索戀愛與性,個人成長以及性小眾(Sexual Minorities)等性心理學課題。課堂除了以講課、角色扮演、小組討論及訪談等方式授課之外,亦會邀請一班 由香港性教育、研究及治療專業協會(HKASERT)認可的性治療師作客席講師,讓學員輕鬆地學習一個可能屬於禁忌的課題。導師亦會因應學員的需要和要求調節教學方式,並會預留課堂完結前的時間予學員諮詢。
開課日期 2020年10月14日 (星期三)
修業期 6個星期
課程費用 HK$2500



開課日期 2020年10月15日 (星期四)
修業期 4個星期
課程費用 HK$1680