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Digital and Social Media Marketing

Proficiency in using digital channels and social media to connect with customers has become a necessary skill for marketers. We are committed to delivering market-relevant programmes, taught by industry experts, for those who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge in these areas.

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開課日期 2018年11月17日 (星期六)
修業期 2個月
課程費用 課程費用

HK$7,000 (早鳥優惠- 凡於2018年10月27日或之前報名)

HK$7,000 (二人同行優惠)

This programme focuses on the practical aspects of designing and planning a digital and social media marketing campaign, as part of the overall marketing strategy.
Start 16 FEB 2019 (SAT)
Duration 2 months
Fee HK$6,000
Hong Kong Brand Development Council
品牌管理是市場學非常重要的一環。HKU SPACE與香港品牌發展局合辦之行政人員證書《品牌管理》課程,自2008年開辦以來,一直為學員提高品牌管理和策略的重點知識。因應市場變化,我們重新設計了課程令它更切合市務人員的需要。


此全新課程包含了設計思維(design thinking)的元素,務求激發學員的創意,應用到品牌管理的工作上。

開課日期 待定
修業期 2個月
課程費用 HK$6000
Hong Kong Brand Development Council
品牌管理是市場學非常重要的一環。HKU SPACE與香港品牌發展局合辦之行政人員證書《品牌傳播》課程,自2008年開辦以來,一直為學員提高品牌管理和策略的重點知識。因應市場變化,我們重新設計了課程令其更切合市務人員的需要。

開課日期 待定
修業期 2個月
課程費用 HK$6,000
The programme aims to enhance the concepts and skills for modern marketers who wish to improve their job performance. Participants will learn the concepts and tools of digital marketing, understand the successful cases in growth hacking marketing, and employ digital growth tools to maximize marketing performance.
Start To be advised
Duration 2 months
Fee Application Fee : HK$150 (non-refundable)

Standard Course Fee : HK$7,000

Early Bird Rate : HK$6,500 (application submitted on or before 28 September 2018)

Alumni Rate : HK$6,500
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
The Master of Science Digital Marketing Communications will deliver an exceptional mix of new and best practice in contemporary digital and social media communications, along with significant communications insight and strategic insight into the digital sector.
Start 07 JAN 2019 (MON)
Duration 18 months
Edinburgh Napier University, UK
The MSc in Marketing is two-year part-time programme jointly offered by Edinburgh Napier University and HKU SPACE since Year 2000. The programme aimed to equip students with the knowledge and intellectual capabilities to successfully develop a career in marketing management.
Start 11 FEB 2019 (MON)
Duration 20 months to 2 years
This Postgraduate Diploma is both vocationally and academically oriented to provide opportunities for marketing professionals and general business practitioners to upgrade their knowledge and skills in digital and social media marketing to cope with the challenges and dynamics of the changing market as well as to articulate to Master's degree programmes with credit exemption.
Start 05 NOV 2018 (MON)
Duration 12 months to 24 months
The programme aims to equip students with the credentials and expertise that prepare them for a variety of career opportunities in the brand management and public relations sectors.
Start 05 NOV 2018 (MON)
Duration 1 year to 2 years
Fee HK$4500 - 5000
The University of Hull, United Kingdom
This programmes provides you with practical knowledge and vocational skills in marketing. You will be able to apply effective marketing strategies, digital and social media marketing techniques and persuasive communication tactics in different market environment and equipped with analytical skills and critical thinking ability. This programme will also help you to develop your critical thinking and analytical skills.
Start 04 JAN 2019 (FRI)
Duration 18 months to 36 months