Mrs Fidelia Chan Yau Man-ying

Mrs Fidelia Chan Yau Man-ying

Mrs Chan is a director of Ekpac (China) Ltd, a company with over 100 years of history in China. As an experienced entrepreneur with a distinguished record in public service, she has devoted her efforts in supporting education. She is an advisor to the HKU Foundation, the Honorary President of the Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation and a member of the Entrepreneur Committee of the Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation.

With strong interests in the arts, Mrs Chan has close connections with the late Professor Jao Tsung I. She has been serving as the President of the Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole Fan Club and the Honorary Deputy Chairman of the Jao Studies Foundation. Passionate about music, she also serves as the Honorary President of the Council of the Hong Kong Hymn Society and the Honorary President of the Hong Kong Oratorio Society.

As a long-time supporter of education, arts and music, Mrs Fidelia Chan has donated to different scholarships and research funds for various UGC institutes and their subsidiaries.

Specifically in continuing education, Mrs Chan has played a key role in supporting educational seminars and events in the Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole for the general public. She is mentor to many young people.

In 2007, Mrs Fidelia Chan donated to the Centre for Creative and Performing Arts (CCPA) at HKU SPACE to set up the Mrs Fidelia Chan Yau Man-Ying Scholarship. The scholarship is linked to HKU SPACE programmes, particularly the Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Industries Management, which has greatly benefitted from her support.

Mrs  Chan has also supported the mission of Centennial College. The scholarships that Mrs Chan established have enabled many under- privileged young people to receive tertiary education. Another scholarship has also been set up for the Shau Kei Wan East Government Secondary School to award the top 5 students achieving outstanding performance from the HKDSE each year. Furthermore, Mrs Chan also sponsored talented individuals to pursue higher education. In particular, for a certified lawyer to receive a Ph.D from the University of Edinburgh and a pastor to obtain a Masters in Religious Studies at the Chinese University of  Hong Kong. 

Mrs Chan and her family members are devoted Christians from the EFCC Kong Fook Church 中國基督教播道會港福堂. Mrs Chan played a crucial role in raising HK$ 40m for the Church’s expansion in 2011.

Thus,  amidst her demanding entrepreneurial commitments, Mrs Chan has set aside significant time and efforts for public service in continuing education, the arts and music.