Mr Wong Chai-lok

Mr Wong Chai-lok

Mr Wong Chai-lok is probably one of our longest serving lecturers. He has been a part-time teacher at HKU SPACE since 1981. As far back as 2001, he received the Outstanding Lecturer Award from HKU SPACE. In 2011, he was appointed Adjunct Professor by HKU SPACE.

A distinguished educator and calligrapher, Mr Wong has had a long and successful career in the promotion of primary, secondary, professional, and continuing education in Hong Kong.

He studied at Northcote College of Education and then served government in education.

Mr Wong, also known by his aliases‘Ming-Fu’ and ‘Lok-Yung’, is renowned both for his major contributions to education in Hong Kong and to Chinese calligraphy. Over his long career, he held many public and private posts, including Inspector of  Schools  and  Headmaster  of Government Schools. He worked for over 60 years to promote Primary, Secondary and particularly Adult Education in Hong Kong. At times, he acted as Supervisor of Evening Classes for Adults and as Headmaster of a secondary school for adults. In the past few years, Mr Wong and his wife have been using proceeds from the sale of his calligraphic works to build three schools in Guangdong and Guizhou. This project has been supported by his friends and students.

Mr Wong, born in 1924, continues to lecture on a variety of subjects including School Administration, Moral Education, and Chinese Calligraphy. He  is  known  for  his  unique  style of calligraphy and for his active promotion of the study of Chinese art.

Mr Wong has written numerous books including A History of the Development of Chinese Education in Hong Kong, Travel Poems, The Poems and Chinese Calligraphy of Wong Chai Lok and Selected Works of Wong Chai Lok – His First 80 Years, all on the history of calligraphy in Hong Kong.

Even in retirement, Mr Wong has continued to lecture on a variety of topics related to education, while at the same time gaining recognition for his achievements in the art of Chinese calligraphy.

He has served as President of the Hong Kong Lan Ting Society and the Lok Tian Chinese Calligraphy Society, both distinguished organizations that promote the practice and appreciation of the art of writing. Combining his passions for calligraphy and teaching, Mr Wong has given countless public workshops and had numerous exhibitions of his work around the world. In 2009, he received the Medal of Honour awarded by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.