"Risks @the Age of AI + 5G" - from the Big Data Governance Perspectives - HKU SPACE
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Oct 2019

"Risks @the Age of AI + 5G" - from the Big Data Governance Perspectives

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| Investment Management

Speaker: Prof. Stephen Ng

 Prof. Stephen Ng  is a seasoned senior executives for InnoTech ICT corporates. He launched many first innotechs in the region, namely the first broadband, 3G, 4G, e-commerce, m-commerce, AaaS cloud, Biometric IDaaS and A.I. automation applications at the region. Graduates of  A.I. FinTech from Oxford University plus various renowned qualifications in Education, Internet Security and Strategic Management. Professor taught in various institutions and schools in a wide spectrum of Financial Innovation, Digital Marketing, Big Data, Compliance and Governance, etc. Being appointed as Company Doctor and Mentor for Corporates and Startups over years.  Successful helped Intellectuals Transfer & Wisdom Inspirations for different industries and governments in the region. Professor Invited as Honouray Advisor for international NGOs, Councils and Institues. Proactively promoting Mindfulness-Based Entreprenuarship & Intelligent Transformations for Public and Private sectors. Awards from government and renowned communities on Tech Gibs and Hackings. Currently conducting R&D projects in Blockchain 4.0, RegTech 2.0 and SupTech2.0 designs and IoT applications at Cyberport, InnoCenter and the Greater Bay Area. Invited as Principal Advisors for New Economy, CulturalFinance and InnoTech Councils in the regions, delivering disruptive approach in Human Factored Technological Advancements.