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OPEN SPACE 2022 - Talk Summary

Themes: Keynote | Languages & Culture|Market Trend| Profession & Career| Wellness & Health



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Are your ready for the Metaverse ?
Languages & Culture

SPACE English - Professional Business English (PBE) and Others

Everyday Japanese and Japanese Culture

Italian, a language that you cannot miss!
German - Food and Drink
Portuguese - a Global Language
Market Trend
Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading
The Essential Security for NFT and Web3 on Blockchain
Accelerating E-commerce is Reshaped by Smart Use of Data and Metaverse
Major IT Trends Shaping Logistics Management
Blockchain application on accounting for NFT
What's Next for FinTech - DeFi
AI and quantitative investment
潮學ArtTech & NFT : 創作與買賣
Profession & Career
Explore Studies in Healthcare
From Interest to Profession: Becoming a Nutritionist and a Dietitian
Hidden Crimes - Are You Breaking the Law?
旅遊及酒店業人才轉型— 向世界重新出發!
The Future of Medical Laboratory Technology
Aviation Talk - Conquering the Skies - Fly for Career, Fly for Fun
Wellness & Health
Dealing with workplace stress and well-being in times of uncertainty
Craniosacral and Mind-body Dialogue
The Incredible Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga in Nature
The Metaverse, telehealth and mental health impact of online vs. reality in the post-COVID world?
升級風水陣: 打造辦公室及家居財富風水正能量
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