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Giving a gift is not just for important events or even just for other people. You can give a gift at any time and even give a gift to yourself. Gifts can be meaningful, and can last a day or forever.  They don’t even have to be things, and can be intangible like experiences, or, perhaps best of all, knowledge. A gift of knowledge, like a course, a workshop or something you can learn, is a gift that can change your life forever.

As the city’s lifelong learning partner, HKU SPACE is ready to fulfil your desire to stay current, enhance your talents, boost your career or simply enrich your life. Together, we can help you unleash your potential and learn something new, or stay motivated to take your success to new levels with skills in dozens of areas from the Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence and the Financial Time Analysis Series to Diamond Grading, Art Market Trading, Xuan Kong Fengshui in Wellness Planning and Chinese Tea Culture.

The School offers the largest and broadest selection of over 2,000 CEF courses, covering 61 areas of interest, to open your path to a better future.

Our Spring Prospectus for 2022 is now available at our learning centres.


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