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HKU SPACE Executive Academy (SEA)

The HKU SPACE Executive Academy (SEA) is dedicated to delivering quality executive education to develop emerging business leaders with a global mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Postgraduate Certificate Programmes - CEF Reimbursable Courses


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SEA Statistics: More than 60 years, 100% taught by domain experts, more than 2M Hong Kong people studied in HKU SPACE, more than 65% of students with 10 years of work experience

Executive Education Programmes for Emerging Leaders

We all crave to make a positive difference.

The driving force to make such an impactful difference is leadership. The craving to make a difference exists because the leaders within our hearts and souls want to emerge. The mission of HKU SPACE Executive Academy (SEA) is to help you, emerging leaders, to achieve what you want to be:  successful,  impactful and inspirational.

SEA offering: Postgraduate Certificates for Executives, executive workshops, executive business mission tours, global masters

Our Offerings

SEA Our Offerings

Postgraduate Certificates for Executives
Executive Workshops
Executive Business Mission Tours
Corporate Training
Global Masters


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