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Continuing Education Fund (CEF)

HKU SPACE - the place where knowledge and dreams are based

HKU SPACE is the longest serving continuing education institution in Hong Kong with the most comprehensive line up of Continuing Education Fund (CEF) reimbursable courses - over 1,000 for students to choose from.

From 1 April 2019 onward, the  CEF personal subsidy ceiling has been increased to  HK$20,000. With this new initiative, the School is expanding its offering of CEF reimbursable courses to include such technically geared areas as eSports, artificial intelligence, big data, and cyber security; health and community care subjects such as Chinese medicine, tree management and conservation, geriatric care, and special education; even personal interests such as Buddhism, art collecting,  and nutrigenomics. 

HKU SPACE is Hong Kong’s leading lifelong learning institution of international renown, and the choice of more than 130,000 learners who benefited from the CEF.  Are you looking for new skills to make that long-awaited career break-through?  Or simply wish to find new interests in your life?   Act now and grab your dreams. 

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