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Blockchain Essentials for Business

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03 Mar 2021 (Wed)
4 weeks
Cantonese supplemented in English, teaching material in English
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Deadline on 23 Feb 2021 (Tue)

This course brought to you VC perspective in blockchain disruption by Click Academy, a initiative by Click Ventures to bring most up to date tech investment knowledge to the ecosystem! 

From China’s digital currency (cash), to Facebook’s Novi (Libra), blockchain inspired disruption is changing our world step by step! And with such a huge promise and lofty expectation, how do you go beyond all those fancy buzzwords and actually penetrate into the core of the Blockchain ecosystem to reap the immense benefits for you and your business?  This course will walk you through its mechanism and tier down the business models of the most up to date real business cases that may bring a big impact to the world in near terms! 

Teacher's profile:

Carman Chan

As one of the top 5 Women to watch in Asia Tech (Nikkei Asian Review), Carman Chan is a
veteran in the technology industry with decades of experience as an entrepreneur with multiple
exits, a tech columnist and a globally recognized venture capitalist.
Carman began her entrepreneurship journey when she was in university. In order to pursue her
passion for the newly emerging Internet, she passed up a fully sponsored PhD from Imperial
College to become a serial internet entrepreneur. Carman’s first company, English Street was
acquired by HKET(0423.HK), a Hong Kong listed newspaper group. Her second company was
merged with Hiiir in Taiwan and and later acquired by FarEasTone (4904.TW). Carman is also a
best-selling book author for several accelerated learning books. Spending eight years as a tech
columnist for IT magazines, she wrote about internet business models and internet marketing.
After several successful exits Carman started Click Ventures, With a focus on providing seed to
series A financing to technology startups, Click Ventures is differentiated by offering mentorship
from entrepreneurs with over twenty years of first-hand experience.
Click Ventures has grown into a leading investment manager, and two of its funds are featured as
Top 5 Seed Fund (Vintage 2003-2015) in the world and Top 4 Funds to Watch by Preqin
Due to her deep experience, Carman is frequently invited to speak or serve as a panel member
for prestigious events around the world. She has appeared in 10+ countries at high profile events
including the Web Summit, Slush, AVCJ Private Equity and Venture Forum, and Silicon Dragon.

Leo Chiu

Leo is a hands-on practitioner and a tech savvy entrepreneur. After completing secondary
education in Hong Kong, Leo fought his way into Stanford University. He graduated with a MS
degree in Management Science and Technology (aka Operations Research & Engineering
After graduation Leo was recruited into Morgan Stanley’s New York office. Finding Wall Street is
not his cup of tea, Leo went back to Stanford and started his STEM career in Silicon Valley.
Leo was a core contributor at his last 4 big data/AI startups serving in the role of CTO or first
engineer where he demonstrated his skills in AI and big data. All these startups led to successful
IPOs or M&A exits with a combined market valuation of over US$1B.
Before joining Click Ventures, Leo was the venture partner of Spike Ventures (a venture fund for
Stanford University Alumni), focusing on blockchain, AI and big data related ventures. He was
also actively coaching the youths and young adults on the topic of innovation driven
entrepreneurship via various mentorship programs and the mainstream media as public speaker
and lecturer.

  • Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Smart Contracts for Business
  • Understand smart contracts via real-life examples
  • Learn how smart contracts can be applied to improve top and bottom line
  • Plan the integration of blockchain technology into new or existing business
  • Understand the legal aspect of the blockchain tokenization system
  • Tokenization
  • Principles of tokenization; how tokenization helps enable liquidity for illiquid assets
  • Use cases of tokenization; property based asset tokenization, digital asset tokenization
  • Technologies behind tokenization; centralized, federated, distributed Blockchain systems
  • Regulatory aspects of tokenization
  • Successful examples of practical Blockchain use cases around the world
  • Honduras implemented blockchain technology to develop incorruptible land registries
  • Hong Kong DLT based motor insurance authentication system
  • Central Bank issued Digital Currency projects
  • Property management and mortgage DLT systems
  • DLTp-based Supply chain management and traceability systems
  • Infrastructure that a business needs to get more exposed to crypto investments
  • Navigating the blockchain investment landscape
  • Regulations
  • Crypto-friendly governments
  • Blockchain related regulation snapshot
  • Beneficial policies
  • Taxations


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Course Fee
  • Course Fee : HK$6000

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2. 親身報名

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  • 將填妥的SF26報名表格連同報名費/學費以及所需學歷證明副本及身份證副本郵寄至本課程組辦公室:香港北角英皇道250號北角城中心13樓香港大學專業進修學院,SWAS – Ms Sheri Ip收。




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  3. 網上報名只支援「學習里程獎勵計劃」和「提早報讀優惠」。如需享用其他報讀優惠,請親臨學院的報名中心報名。
  4. 在網上報名過程中,由於提交課程申請和付款在系統處理上為兩個不同的程序,成功付款並不保證成功被獲取錄。任何不成功的申請,課程組職員將儘快與 閣下聯絡。
  5. 申請人應注意,不論親身或網上報讀,相同的課程/科目只可提交一次申請。
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Payment Method

1. 現金或「易辦事」(EPS

申請人可親臨學院任何一所報名中心,以現金或「易辦事」(EPS) 繳付學費。

2. 支票或銀行本票

如以劃線支票或銀行本票繳付,抬頭請註明「香港大學專業進修學院」。支票背面請寫上課程名稱及申請人姓名。  閣下可:

  • 親臨學院各報名中心遞交劃線支票、報名表格及有關證明文件;或
  • 可將上述文件一併郵寄至本課程組辦公室:香港北角英皇道250號北角城中心13樓香港大學專業進修學院,SWAS – Ms Sheri Ip收。惟學院對郵遞失誤而遺失的支票概不負責。

3. VISA萬事達卡

申請人可以 VISA 或Mastercard卡繳付學費。申請人如同是「香港大學專業進修學院Mastercard卡」持有人,以該Mastercard卡付款報讀港幣2,000元或以上之課程,可享有十個月免息分期付款優惠。詳情請向學院報名中心職員查詢。

4. 網上繳費服務



  1. 如報讀的短期課程開課在即,學院可要求申請人以現金、易辦事或信用卡(Visa或Mastercard卡)繳付學費。
  2. 除由學院裁定的特殊情況(例如課程因報名人數不足而取消)之外,一切已繳費用概不退還。如獲學院批准退還款項,以現金、易辦事、支票或網上繳費靈繳交之款項,將以支票退款;以信用卡繳交之款項,退款將直接退還至支付款項時使用的信用卡戶口。
  3. 除本學院網頁所列明的學費外,個別課程或有其他額外收費,詳情請參閱有關之課程小冊子或聯絡有關學科職員。
  4. 學費及學額不得轉讓。一經取錄,學員不得轉讀其他課程,惟學院對特殊情況可酌情處理。轉讀申請一經批准,學員須繳付每一項申請港幣120元之手續費。
  5. 學院對郵遞失誤而遺失的支票或本票、付款收據或個人資料,概不負責。
  6. 若學員有意申請額外收據,請把填妥之申請表、貼上足夠郵資的回郵信封、連同劃線支票交回本學院。每張收據申請費用為港幣30元。支票抬頭註明「香港大學專業進修學院」。補發的學費收據通常於課程完結後寄出。
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