College Senior Lecturer

WONG, Dennis K.H. 黃君鎧

BSc Wis; MA Macq


Before becoming a full time lecturer at HKU SPACE Community College, Dennis Wong was a Research Associate at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Besides Dennis has also been the Director of Altimate Information Technology, a leading software system vendor in Hong Kong. He is an experienced business consultant with a wide background in Supply Chain projects and large system implementation. Prior to that, Dennis worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, a reputable global consulting firm, as the Principal Consultant of Technology Solution for about three years.

Dennis has a wealth of business process re-engineering knowledge in the supply chain arena. He has worked on projects, which can deliver tangible business benefits to organisations. In one case, Dennis helped the client significantly reduce the inventory value of 30% while maintaining the sales turnover, through process improvement efforts. In addition, Dennis has extensive teaching experience in local universities such as City University of Hong Kong and Chinese University of Hong Kong, teaching E-Commerce and Operation Management. He has also given numerous presentations to MBA classes on Supply Chain Management topics.