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BusinessManagement & Human Capital Leadership

Management & Human Capital Leadership

In today’s fast-changing business environment, while management executives are looking for modern and comprehensive management skillsets, business leaders are also looking into ways in optimizing organizational performance.  Moreover, with the multi-national and multi-generational workforce, it is even more important to equip senior leaders with the acumen to meet the strategic challenges related to the “people-side of business” and build strong human capital base for their companies.

The School offers a series of Management and Human Capital Leadership courses focusing on academic advancement as well as professional workplace development, including managerial psychology, leadership, and other business soft skills. 

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Programme is designed to equip students with the fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge of Positive Psychology Coaching. Graduates will be able to apply these skills in both internal and external coaching practices at the practitioner level, or in their respective roles as leaders and supervisors in enabling people development in a variety of industries such as business, education, healthcare, services and community work.
Start 15 JUL 2017 (SAT)
Duration 10 weeks
This course aims to broaden the scope of participants to building success through managing oneself and others. It will equip participants with the tactical tools and mindset to advance in their career and become the next generation leader.
Start 12 OCT 2017 (THU)
Duration 5 days
Fee HK$1950
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London
This course is designed for leaders and managers who wish to increase their confidence and become more aware of how the voice and body can influence and impact staff rapport. The course will build on voice, communication and presentation skills, focusing on one-to-one conversations and intimate presentations, and look at status, persuasion and active listening. Students will discover key techniques in negotiating status and increasing impact in meetings and presentations. Participants will leave with a tool box of skills and techniques to help them increase impact and influence.
Start To be advised
Duration 1.5 days
Fee HK$6,500 - 7,800
Coaching as a helping profession is increasingly gaining recognition in Hong Kong as an effective approach to people development; both in the context as individuals in personal life and individual employees in organizations.
Start 15 NOV 2017 (WED)
Duration 5 weeks
Fee HK$1,700
開課日期 2017年11月14日 (星期二)
修業期 6日
課程費用 HK$1650
開課日期 2017年11月9日 (星期四)
修業期 5日
課程費用 HK$1,650

為何有些打工一族在職場上拼搏多時,換來只是『加辛』和怨氣?為何有些打工一族,可以能瞬間平步青雲,成為職場達人榜樣?本課程以工作坊互動模式,透過學習NLP Coaching的溝通技巧,運用行為心理學的軟技巧,增强職場的人際關係,成為新世代的職場達人。

開課日期 2017年11月4日 (星期六)
修業期 2日
課程費用 HK$1680
This programme is designed by the Mediation Training Institute International (MTI-USA), a global leader in training and certification in workplace conflict management, and will be delivered by HKU SPACE qualified trainer as well as MTI certified trainer to maintain its training quality. And to provide participants with management tool to handle simple workplace disputes. Participants will understand why and how the tool works.
Start 14 OCT 2017 (SAT)
Duration 2 days
Fee HK$2500
The course capitalises theatre-based activities for the training and development of creative leadership, charisma, communication, human skills, etc.
Start 29 SEP 2017 (FRI)
Duration 10 weeks
Fee HK$3,940
Start To be advised
Fee Course fee: HKD 4,800.- (cheque to HKU SPACE) and GBP 1,000.- (Bank draft to OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY)